Is this you?

You are an emerging technology company led by a talented management team with an innovative and potentially disruptive technology or suite of technologies.

You are publicly-traded (or aspire to be) on one of the major stock exchanges or privately-held with plans in the future to raise additional equity, perhaps in a public offering on a major stock exchange.

You are concerned or maybe even frustrated with a lack of understanding by investors of the strategic value of your technology and company.

You seek assistance with investor positioning from an independent firm that can illuminate the value of your technology/company through high-quality, strategically-focused, fact-based research that is distributed through a world-class institutional and retail network.  Additionally, you may be seeking to complement existing investor relations services.

You are seeking to work with a company that has a great deal of experience in technology, research and investing that has worked with some of the best technology companies and executives in the world.

You value a firm that has an extensive network of investors and CXOs as well as broad range of contacts and partners that can assist with business development and capital structure where any related fees are based on value add and performance.

Understanding that most research is, in fact, paid for (typically indirectly by companies via investment banking fees), you are looking for high value-add and flexibility in your relationship with a purveyor of quality and comprehensive investor positioning and advisory services.

If the above fits the description of what you are looking for, we would be delighted to discuss how Research 2.0 can be of service to your company. Contact Kris Tuttle ( or Steve Waite (steve@research2zero) to set up a call.