What We Do

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Improve your appeal to the most savvy long-term technology investors. It takes a few steps:

I – Explain your innovative and potentially disruptive technology in a way that institutional investors can get excited about based on a deep understanding and independent validation.

II – Build our own financial model and proprietary intrinsic valuation (IV) of how your success will be reflected though your business model and contribute to returns on invested capital and higher equity values.

III – Document and update our conclusions and (optionally) share them with our network of investors, company managements and research followers.

What we do magnifies the effectiveness of any other investor relations communications efforts and programs.

Our experience includes helping scores of companies over the past 20 years and reviewing over 17,000 investor positioning presentations.

It’s like having the top buy-side institutional investors and sell-side analysts immerse themselves in your business and with your team and then focus their efforts on your story, estimates, valuation, strategic advice and introducing the new you to everyone in their network. That’s productive.